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Using Coloring Pages 4 U

We've just launched our first instructional video. Check it out on the videos page. More to come soon!

1. Choose a coloring book

Click to choose a coloring book. You can sort by category or in alphabetical order.

2. Choose a coloring page

Click one of the coloring pages to start. You can also use the coloring page search to find a picture.

3. Select a tool and a color and paint!


Paint colors...

4. When you are done...

Have some fun with your finished coloring page! When you click the "share" button, you can...

Print and color!

You don't have to color in online. If you want to go "old school", or just have a bunch of fun coloring pages for you and your friends, print some coloring pages!

Fun for adults too!

You're never to old to enjoy coloring in. Check out our advice for adults who love to color!

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