Coloring Tools

The paint bucket

The paint bucket completely fills in an area between the black outlines.

The golden bucket

The golden paint bucket recolors an already painted area. It only fills the area that is the same color as where you click.

The brush

The brush paints like a paint brush. You can change brush size as well as the color.

The magic brush

The magic brush helps you paint smoothly and cleanly by staying inside the lines.

The dropper

Use the dropper to pick up a color from your coloring page. After you click, the previous brush or bucket it automatically reselected.

The faucet

The faucet washes the paint from an area. If you want to wash the whole page clean, just hold down the shift key and click anywhere.

Tool shortcuts

You can quickly change tools using these keyboard shortcuts:

For more information, check out the full list of keyboard shortcuts.

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