Share, download, and print

Click the share button

Click the share button to open the sharing window.

Enter the contest

Whenever there is a contest running, the contest entry button appears. Click it to enter the contest.

Share to the gallery

Show off your picture in the gallery. Gallery pictures appear instantly and are visible to others, so please remember to keep it fun and safe for everyone.

Share on Facebook

Show off your picture for friends and family! Your coloring picture can be shared straight to Facebook. You can also add a comment to go with the picture.

Print your colored in picture

You can print your picture to make a card or other art project.

Download your colored in picture

Downloading your picture allows you to use it in all sorts of creative ways. What you do with it is only limited by your imagination!

Sharing shortcuts

You can quickly access the sharing options with these handy keyboard shortcuts:

For more information, check out the full list of keyboard shortcuts.

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