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To keep running our coloring contests and adding more pages, we need MORE people visiting the website. Here's some ways you can help us grow...

Tell your Friends, Teachers, local Library, etc about ColoringPages4U. It's a great resource for parents, teachers, and others who work with children. So please, spread the word!

Post a review to your favorite forum or blog, or if you have your own blog, use it to tell your readers about us!

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Other Ideas?

If you know of a website where ColoringPages4U should be listed, or have other ideas, we'd lover to hear them! Please contact us.

There are lots of other great websites out there with games for kids, printable coloring pages, and other fun activities. Here are a few that we really like...

Online Coloring Pages / Printable Coloring Pages

Coloring Book Games

BiblePaint - Bible Coloring Book (Windows game)

DinoPaint - Dinosaur Coloring Book (Windows game)

Kea Coloring Book (Windows game)

Online Games for YOUR website

The coloring book on ColoringPages4U is My Coloring Book from Kea Software. Kea Software also have a range of other customisable games, like Word-Find puzzles and Matching (memory) games.

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