Coloring Contest Results: Coloring Contest Results: Christmas 2014

We had so many amazing and beautiful coloring pictures for our Christmas Coloring Contest. We were especially impressed with some of the amazing hand-drawn images.

PEOPLE'S CHOICE - Amelia, Age 17 - Boonville,IN

Amelia did a beautiful job coloring in this Christmas Eve scene. Her use of color and shade gives a real sense of the moment where Santa is caught out by a curious child.

Here's what Amelia said...

I'm just a normal teen that loves coloring (of course), old people (the more Grandparents the merrier), God Almighty (He died for me; how can I not?), Southern Gospel Music (kinda goes with the God thing), old movies (Barbara Stanwyck all the way!), art (bring on the canvas), chocolate (duh), and whatnot....Thanks so much! Keep up the good work, fellow Color-ers!

CHRISTMAS - Rowan, Age 8 - Hamilton, Ontario

Happy kids with their new toys! Rowan did a great job of coloring this picture in with bright cheerful colors.

MADE CHRISTMASSY - Cobie, Age 6 - Barrie, Ontario

We couldn't resist Mario wishing us a Merry Christmas.

HAND-DRAWN - Nicole, Age 16 - Kapolei

We're were blown away by Nicole's portrait of Santa. Just really amazing artwork.

Here's what Nicole said...

I don't think it matters whether Santa is white, black, asian, or etc. The real meaning of Christmas is what's important. Being with family and spending time with each other is what makes Christmas very merry.

WEEK 5 - Sarvesh, Age 8 - Cypress, CA

Sarvesh sleighed the competition in week 5, with this great colorful picture of Santa Claus.

Here's what Sarvesh said...

I like to do something different.I have passion towards 3'S'-Science, Singing and Swimming. Thank you Amma and Appa for all your support.Thanks to all my well wishers who voted for me as a token of encouragement.

WEEK 4 - Emily, Age 10 - Ashburn

A lovely picture of Santa about to go down the chimney. We loved this use of shading to bring this night-time scene to life.

Here's what Emily said...

My name is Emily and I'm 10 years old. I am homeschooled and currently in the 5th grade. I take dance and I also love to tumble. I really love horses and I hope to be getting one of my own for Christmas this year. I have 2 dogs and 7 cats. I live on a farm in South Georgia where we raise cattle. I also love Christmas and especially anything to do with? Santa and that is why I chose that picture!

WEEK 3 - Nevada, Age 8 - Texas

It's great fun decorating the Christmas tree, and Nevada did a great job decorating this picture.

Here's what Nevada said...

I loves catching bugs. I also love jets, trains, and anything to do with NASA. I chose this picture because I love Christmas trees and giving and receiving gifts at Christmastime.

WEEK 2 - Mhegan, Age 9 - Katy, TX

We loved Mhegan's super-cute picture of Rudolph. Great use of vivid colors, and awesome drawing style.

WEEK 1 - Nicole, Age 16 - Kapolei

Nicole took a simple black-and-white coloring page and made it look like a beautiful Renaissance oil painting!

Here's what Nicole said...

I love drawing and will continue to practice and get even better. Paintings from the old times always gives me inspiration.


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