Coloring Contest Results: Coloring Contest Results: May 2014

We had lots of great entries for our May coloring contest.

UNDER 10 - Alyssa, Age 8 - Rockville

We loved 10 yr old Alyssa's hand-drawn picture of a jungle, with a leopard, tiger, and monkey.

Here's what Alyssa said...

I like to do gymnastics, run, ride my bike, and I love drawing and painting. I chose my coloring picture because I really like jaguars, tigers and things in the rainforest. My own bedroom has pictures of them on the wall. Thank you.

10 TO 13 - Shelby S, Age 11 - Donnelly

What an awesome picture! We loved the beautiful colors, and the clever additions - like turning this horse picture into a unicorn.

Here's what Shelby S said...

The reason I chose this picture is because I love horses. It did take a while but it was fun! I also Like to figure skate and draw.

14 AND OVER - Sophia, Age 14 - Carlsbad

Sophia sent us a number of great coloring pictures, as well as hand drawn ones. They were all great, but we especially loved her picture of a Panda.

Here's what Sophia said...

Thank you so much for choosing my drawing :) It was really fun getting to tie together different ideas into one drawing. It was a great experience drawing and coloring the panda, as well. After all, I do love pandas. It took a while but it was worth it. I had a great time putting this drawing together, so thank you so much.


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