Coloring Contest Results: Coloring Contest Results: March 2014

We had lots of great entries for our March coloring contest.

WINNER - Lakshman, Age 8 - Cypress,CA

We couldn't resist Lakshman's hand-drawn picture of a happy, smiling King. Unlike poor old King Zoff, who has a terrible cold!

Here's what Lakshman said...

Thanks for picking me. I like to draw,color,read,and play basketball. I entered this contest to win a book as I love to read.

WINNER - Coral, Age 9 - Ayelsbury

We loved Coral's great use of color and tone, and nice touches like the pink of the girl's cheeks, and highlighting the horse's look of excitement - Apple! Yum!

WINNER - Chloey, Age 10 - Cumberland Maryland

We loved Chloey's coloring in of this sleepy old owl. Great job!

Here's what Chloey said...

I like basketball and I love to draw. I chose the owl picture because I like birds.

WINNER - Samantha, Age 10 - Wyong Australia

Samantha did a beautiful job of coloring in the tooth fairy. The hardeest thing was choosing which of her pictures was our favorite, because she sent us a number of gorgeous coloring pictures.

Here's what Samantha said...

I love writing stories, sewing and having fun with my friends. When I grow up I want to be a fashion designer and travel the world.

WINNER - Shelby, Age 11 - Idaho

What a beautiful job Shelby did coloring in this flower. The shaded blue background really brings the flower to life.

WINNER - Emily, Age 12 - Primbee

Emily's perfect choice of colors in this picture, from the shades of blue for the sky, and the contrast of the green and gray on the mountains. It all comes together beautifully.

Here's what Emily said...

I love horses and horse riding so thats why i chose a horse picture to colour in I didn't think I would win I was just colouring in for fun


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