Coloring Contest Results: Christmas Coloring Contest Results 2013

Each week during the contest we'll add the weekly winners along with some of our favorite entries.

GRAND FINAL - Helen, Age 16 - United Kingdom

Helen's fireplace coloring picture was the winner in Week #1, and also stormed home in the Grand Final. It really is a gorgeous picture, and well deserving of the win.

Here's what Helen said...

I like art in general and did this coloring during the holiday when I was free. It was so much fun although it took a very long time, thank you coloringpages4u!

CHRISTMAS PICTURE - Taylor T, Age 9 - Bullard Texas

It was tough to pick the best Christmas page, we had so many from kids of all ages, and some adults too. 9yr old Taylor's picture of Santa bringing presents shows great use of color and light and shade to bring to light this night-time picture.

Here's what Taylor T said...

I choose this picture because it looked great and cool, I also like to ride bikes and color pictures like these.

HAND DRAWN - Serenity, Age 12 - Texas

We also had some great hand-drawn pictures, but especially loved Serenity's picture of Santa flying over the houses.

Here's what Serenity said...

Hello. I am Serenity. I like playing with my brothers and sisters, playing Animal Jam, playing video games, cleaning with my Mom. I also like Hello Kitty. I drew Santa and his reindeer flying in the sky to deliver presents. I chose to draw Santa and his reindeer because it's always so exciting waiting for Santa to come!

MADE CHRISTMASSY - Sophia, Age 12 - Carlsbad

It takes imagination to take a non-Christmas picture and make it Christmassy. Sophia did an awesome job with this picture of a hound-dog all dressed up for a Christmas party complete with banner and decorations.

Here's what Sophia said...

Thank you so much for picking my coloring page. I had a lot fun participating. I love to draw so this project was lots of fun and exciting. I thought a dog in a tuxedo was cute so what better way to give holiday cheer but by sending the dog to a Christmas party.

WEEK #4 - Gabi, Age 6 - Brooklyn

6 year old Gabi had lots of fun coloring in the Christmas page of Spongebob and Patrick, with bright Christmassy colors. Her picture was very popular and had 194 likes at the close of voting.

Here's what Gabi said...

I love playing with animals, reading books with my Mom, dressing up, going to taekwondo, learning languages, and cutting out shapes from paper (such as hearts). I'm very excited to have won the week four coloring contest! Thank you!!!!

WEEK #3 - Lakshman, Age 7 - Cypress, CA

Another close week in the voting saw Lakshman's picture of Santa in his sleigh just edge out James' Christmas fireplace.

Here's what Lakshman said...

I am really very excited and happy to win! I am so fond of your web page that whenever I find time I just start coloring and drawing.

WEEK #2 - Joshua, Age 9 - Texas

Our two top pictures in week #2 were both hand-drawn, with Joshua's "Santa" picture in a close race with Lakshman's "Christmas Tree".

Here's what Joshua said...

I like Pusheen the cat and I put that picture because I like Santa Claus. He took very long to draw. The whole picture took me an hour. Thank you.

WEEK #1 - Helen, Age 16 - United Kingdom

Helen's fireplace coloring picture proved very popular with voters on Facebook. You can see that a lot of effort went into this picture with amazing shading and highlights from the fire, as well as the added decorations along the mantle-piece.

Here's what Helen said...

The picture took longer than expected but it was extremely enjoyable and I'd challenge myself with more details next time too. Merry Christmas to everyone!


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