Coloring Contest Results: Coloring Contest Results: June 2013

Every month we get some fantastic, creative entries, and this month is no exception.

UNDER 10 YRS - Gandy, Age 7 - Ireland

Gandy sent us so many fun, creative entries it was hard to pick our favorite, but in the end we couldn't go past her story and picture, titled "Cat School".

10-13 YRS - Amanda A, Age 12 - Britton,MI

The lion coloring page is certainly a real favourite, and we loved Amanda's work on this, with really nice use of color and shading, and a really interesting use of pointillism to create the setting sun.

Here's what Amanda A said...

One of my favorite things to do is art. I am not the the best at digital drawing but I am very good with photography and graphite.

14 YRS AND OVER - Helen, Age 15 - United Kingdom

Helen did an amazing job with shading and highlights to make this class Porsche 911 look almost real!

Here's what Helen said...

It took a rather long time! Getting the shading wasn't easy... but I had fun doing it and got to practice a lot which is great! I recommend this coloring picture to anyone wanting to practice shades and gleams.


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