Coloring Contest Results: Coloring Contest Results: May 2013

Lots of gorgeous entries this month. And just to show that anyone can win, we have winners ranging from 7 to 28.

UNDER 10 YRS - Alyssa, Age 7 - Rockville

Alyssa has created a really nice little playground scene here, and also makes excellent use of perspective with the basketball player in the background. Great work!

Here's what Alyssa said...

I like to draw, color and go on vacation. I love doing gymnastics and playing outside, and I wish I had a puppy. My Dad plays basketball so I put that in the picture.

10-13 YRS - Kayla, Age 10 - Wildwood

Really pretty coloring by Kayla on this puppy coloring page, and nice little details like the name on the bowl and tag.

Here's what Kayla said...

Hi, I'm Kayla and I chose this drawing because I love puppies especially little ones. I also love playing outside, climbing trees, swinging, drawing, singing, dancing, and listening to music.

14 YRS AND OVER - Lakshmi, Age 28 - Abu Dhabi

We had a few really nice looking entries from Lakshmi, but ths was our favorite. Really lovely color use, that gives this picture a really cheerful feeling.

Judges' Favorites

From the hundreds of beautiful and imaginative entries we can only choose three. It was very close - so don't forget to get your entries in for next month! These are some of our favourites (in no particular order)...

Victoria, 11 y.o., Mahopac

Kylan, 10 y.o., The Woodlands, Texas

Mia, 15 y.o., makati,city,philippines

Abigail, 8 y.o., Colarado Springs

Kawii, 13 y.o., Pulaski

Audriauna, 14 y.o., sioux falls

Annalise, 10 y.o., Pico Rivera

Claire, 9 y.o., Knoxville

Elizabeth, 11 y.o., Tampa

Aubrey, 8 y.o., Waupaca

Praveena, 13 y.o., munnar

Emilee, 16 y.o., S.C Sumter

Honesty, 11 y.o., Cleveland Heights , ohio

Amelia, 15 y.o., Boonville,IN

Jayden, 4 y.o., Ponoka

Raja, 5 y.o., Kolkata

Camryn, 11 y.o., Atlanta

Stacey, 57 y.o., liberty hill, tx

Misha, 11 y.o., Ohio

Mari, 21 y.o., Fifield

Tykaria, 10 y.o., Atlanta

Luis, 6 y.o., Edmonton/ AB Canada

Diamond, 6 y.o., bueck

Emilee, 16 y.o., Sumter S.C

Amelia, 15 y.o., Boonville,IN

Ashlynn, 9 y.o., gansvill fl

Stacey, 53 y.o., Bakersfield

Nzingha, 11 y.o., atlant ga

Bethany, 3 y.o., Corrimal

Tyler, 11 y.o., Atlanta

Monica, 17 y.o., Youngstown

Cody, 5 y.o., St.Johns

PJ, 7 y.o., Las Vegas

Raven, 7 y.o., Chandler AZ

Jasmine, 8 y.o.,

Alena, 11 y.o., Marshfield, Missouri

Noah, 10 y.o., Castro Valley

Davon, 8 y.o., Ohio

Julie, 29 y.o., Grass Valley

Misha, 11 y.o., ohio

Joshua, 12 y.o., Corby

Julio, 5 y.o., Las Palmas

Khyler, 7 y.o., Moncks Corner, SC

Calvon, 12 y.o., ATLANTA

Katie, 12 y.o., Papillion, NE

Shoshanah, 8 y.o., Putomac Marlind

Katie, 12 y.o., Papillion, NE

Lakshmi, 28 y.o., Abu Dhabi

Georgie, 10 y.o., Bowral

Haven, 5 y.o., Goshen

Amelia, 15 y.o., Boonville,IN

Nylah, 7 y.o., alexanidra va

Aaron, 8 y.o., Lincoln

Anna, 23 y.o., Bowie

Kaylynn, 9 y.o., Bakersfield

Ashley, 12 y.o., Cleveland HTS.

Alena, 11 y.o., Marshfield, Missouri

Jalisa, 10 y.o., Atlanta

Vashanti, 13 y.o., Brooklyn New York City

Raliyn, 18 y.o., Youngstown

Maddie, 11 y.o., Orillia

Emily, 15 y.o., Pomona

Noah, 10 y.o., Castro Valley

Melissa, 12 y.o., CLeveland HTS.

Emmy, 10 y.o., Wildwood

Lakshmi, 28 y.o., Abu Dhabi

Kaleb, 10 y.o., hanvaile

Stacie, 9 y.o., Durham

Michelle, 28 y.o., cleveland

Jasmine, 10 y.o., St.John's

Gandy, 7 y.o., Limerick

Timothy, 11 y.o., war

Jaelyn, 7 y.o., Florence

Breanna, 8 y.o., Herrin,IL

Alyssa, 7 y.o., Chelmsford, MA

Michelle, 52 y.o., Cleveland

Khanyisa, 5 y.o., Swaziland

Steven, 14 y.o., Shirley

Katelyn, 14 y.o., Mansfield

Mylee, 5 y.o., Moncks Corner

Lakshmi, 29 y.o., Abu Dhabi

Juan, 15 y.o., plains ks

Haley, 11 y.o., Clyde,TX

Jayden, 4 y.o., Ponoka

Antoinette, 11 y.o., Cleveland,OH

Colton, 8 y.o., 123 Idelwood Cir

Triniday, 11 y.o., ATLANTA

Emerson, 9 y.o., fort walton beach florda

Danyale, 11 y.o., collinsville

Emily, 15 y.o., Pomona

Trinidey, 10 y.o., Atlanta

Sami, 9 y.o., Thorold

Halley, 11 y.o., Goshen

Lakshmi, 29 y.o., Abu Dhabi

Ashton, 6 y.o., Sparks Nevada

Trista, 7 y.o., Red Deer


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