Coloring Contest Results: Coloring Contest Results: April 2013

It's never an easy task to judge our contest entries. This month was especially hard in the 10-13 age group where we had lots of entries worthy of a prize.

UNDER 10 YRS - Brayden W, Age 8 - Goshen

There's something quite magical about the right combination of color and pattern, and we think Brayden did a great job of coloring this mandala to produce a really striking picture.

Here's what Brayden W said...

I love playing outside, coloring/drawing pictures and playing video games (although my mom limits the video games). I chose this picture because I liked putting all the different colors in it.

10-13 YRS - Katie, Age 12 - Papillion, NE

Katie did a really excellent job of coloring in this fun Summer coloring page. She makes great use of crosshatching, and there's lots of pieces of really great added detail - take a close look and you'll see what we mean.

Here's what Katie said...

Hi! I'm Katie. I was born in sunny south California. I LOVE art and dogs. I picked that picture to color because it reminded me of the beach in Cali, and because it has to do with water!! I also LOVE water. If you look closely you will see little tattoos on her leg.

14 YRS AND OVER - Emilee, Age 16 - Sumter, SC

Emilee did an awesome job coloring in this fiery dragon. Great use of shading and color.

Here's what Emilee said...

I have always liked to do diffrent types of things that has to do anything with art,drawing and crafts,and coloring this picture has gave me a new experience with using a computer to create beautiful art. I chose this picture because I was previously drawing some creatures in the same category of fantasy, dragons, unicorns and such.


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