Coloring Contest Results: Coloring Contest Results: March 2013

We had lots of gorgeous and interesting entries for our March contest, and especially for the Easter People's Choice prize.

PEOPLE`S CHOICE - Haylynn, Age 5 - Abbotsford, MI

Haylynn did a beautiful job coloring in the Easter basket, and won our Easter People's Choice Prize with 90 likes on Facebook.

Here's what Haylynn said...

Hi! I'm Haylynn. I'm in kindergarten. I love going to musicals, and playing with my little sister, and riding bike. I can't wait until summer! I chose this picture because I was excited about the Easter egg hunt at school.

UNDER 10 YRS - Lauren K, Age 7 - Grain Valley

We liked Lauren's simple but effective coloring of the Elephant coloring page.

Here's what Lauren K said...

I am on a competitive cheer team, and I love doing art. I choose to do the elephant because she thought it would be fun to do. I am so excited about winning this contest. I turns 8 this Friday so this is a fantastic early birthday surprise!

10-13 YRS - Shelby S, Age 10 - Donnelly

Shelby did a great job on this princess coloring page. Very nice use of shading to bring out the shape of the dress and add shadows, and even a castle drawn into the background.

Here's what Shelby S said...

I love to draw and color and it seems it runs in the family. I also love to dress up with my 5 year old twin sisters. I enjoyed coloring the princess and thought it would be fun to add a castle.

14 YRS AND OVER - Amelia A, Age 15 - Booneville, IN

Sometimes the simplest ideas can be very effective. Amelia's coloring of the Indian warrior, looks really fantatstic, with him silhouetted against the early morning sun.

Here's what Amelia A said...

Thank you very much for choosing my picture!! I really like to use the black silhouette effect with many of my pictures.


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