Coloring Contest Results: Christmas 2012

Wow. That was tough. We ended up with 9 very deserving winners, and a whole lot of other entries that could easily have won a prize.

UNDER 10: CHRISTMAS - Brynn, Age 9 - Canastota

We really liked Brynn's coloring of this cute animal coloring page. It seems that even cats, dogs, and mice can put their differences aside at Christmas.

Here's what Brynn said...

I love write stories, draw, color, and make necklaces and bracelets. I chose this picture because I love, love, love animals and Christmas is my favorite holiday. And the picture is animals at Christmas. So when I saw it I had to color it and enter it!

UNDER 10: MADE CHRISTMASSY - Jenna, Age 8 - Cedar Rapids

Jenna took this classic Princess Peach and made her into a Christmas Princess, dancing in front of her Christmas tree.

Here's what Jenna said...

I love to draw and when I found this website I got right to work on princess peach because I like the game Mario. Since it was a Christmas theme I chose the Christmas colors Red and Green. The backround was sapphire and that's one of my favorite colors.

UNDER 10: HAND-DRAWN - Maria Z, Age 6 - Chatham

We really loved Maria's cute Christmas snowman. It must be really tricky to undo ribbons with twigs for fingers!

Here's what Maria Z said...

I love art and craft. My favourite weather is sunny summer except when it is snowing . I drew this snowman just because I love making snowmen with the real snow and its snowing here now.

10-13: CHRISTMAS - Kaitlyn, Age 13 - Sydney

Wow! We were blown away by Kaitlyn's beautifully detailed coloring of these Christmas stockings, with great use of color and texture, plus nicely added decorations

Here's what Kaitlyn said...

I love horse riding, animals, spending time with my friends, and :D My entry took up my whole day. I chose this colouring page, because it was simple so i could add detail.

10-13: MADE CHRISTMASSY - Katie M, Age 13 - Wisconsin

Katie did a great job making this dog picture Christmassy with cute additions like the bones they are giving each other. What really sold us though was the tiny detailed Santa and his reindeer in the top-left corner.

Here's what Katie M said...

I like to write stories, read books, and of course color! I also like to make crafts in my free time. I chose this picture because I've always wanted a dog for Christmas and Christmas is my favorite time of year, so I decided to combine the two!

10-13: HAND-DRAWN - Serenity, Age 11 - Texas

Serenity's hand drawn Christmas scene looks good enough to eat! A yummy gingerbread house, gingerbread man, and gumdrops- sweeeeet.

Here's what Serenity said...

I love to play with my brothers and sisters and I absolutely love drawing! I also love anything Hello Kitty and love cleaning around the house with my Mom. I chose to draw a gingerbread house because I've always loved being with my family and decorating a gingerbread house together. I really enjoy doing that with my family so that's why I chose this picture. It took me around an hour to complete this picture because I wanted to draw it the best that I could. I've always loved entering coloring contests. Merry Christmas!!

14+: CHRISTMAS - Jordan, Age 14 - Pensacola

Jordan did an awesome job of coloring this reindeer, even adding in a glowing red nose. Great use of shading and added detail.

Here's what Jordan said...

Rudolph is my favorite reindeer, so it fit to include him in my picture. I love art! I spend most of my time paying attention to every single detail even if it makes the tiniest difference. I've always wanted a snowy Christmas, but we get rain instead. Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

14+: MADE CHRISTMASSY - Mark S, Age 16 - Santa Rosa, Philippines

Mark sent in a few fantastic entries, but we especially like this one of the mice with added Christmas stocking, wreath, tree and lights.

Here's what Mark S said...

Christmas is one of those celebrations wherein you give and spend time with the family thus I decided to color a father and son mice page. Since I was a small kid, drawing, coloring, designing, and modifying things delights me.

14+: HAND-DRAWN - Emily P, Age 15 - Pomona

Emily's drawing of a Christmas Eve scene, complete with note and cookies for Santa was just fantastic. We just hope that fire dies down a bit before the big man has to come down the chimney!

Here's what Emily P said...

What Christmas means to me is to spend time with family and celebrate small traditions. This is why I chose to draw a chimney and cookies and milk for Santa. Thank you for letting me have this opportunity to enter. Happy holidays everyone!


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