Coloring Contest Results: Monthly Coloring Contest June 2012

In our June coloring contest we received over 300 entries. Click on the picture to see it in full size.

UNDER 10 YRS - Juan, Age 9 - Miami

Juan did a great job coloring this garden fairy. The use of color really makes her glow in a magical way.

10 TO 14 YRS - Allison, Age 13 - The Woodlands

We really loved Allison's use of shading, and great color choices, that really brought this cat coloring picture to life.

Here's what Allison said...

I love to draw, paint, write, play viola, and play with my cat. When I had to make a choice of what to color, I just had to do a cat. My favorite color is blue, so that's why you can see it in the subtle backround, hat, and chimney stones. To complete this cat took about an hour and a half due to the complicated roof and sky, but the whole time I was having fun.

15 YRS AND OVER - Selina, Age 15 - Hong Kong

Selina used great colors on her dragon, and we especially liked the contrast of the green dragon and the firey colors of the background.


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