Coloring Contest Results: Monthly Coloring Contest May 2012

Our May coloring contest received over 200 entries from around the world - and some were truly amazing! Click on the picture to see it in full size.

FIRST PRIZE - Shannon, Age 13 - Ridgecrest

What an amazing, hand-drawn entry! Shannon has done an amazing job in creating this picture. In fact it was hard to decide which of Shannon's pictures we liked best!

Here's what Shannon said...

I love drawing and coloring, and I think flowers are really pretty things to draw.

SECOND PRIZE - Kelly, Age 15 - California

Kelly sent us so many great entries, but we especially loved the way she colored this picture of a cowboy by his campfire. You can almost feel the warmth of the fire, and we also liked subtle little additions like the shooting star in the background.

Here's what Kelly said...

I like to sit under the midnight sky and look up at the brilliant glittering stars. Sometimes I try to watch for shooting stars. When there is a fire, I like to warm up by it and peer up at the lovely sky. Just like the cowboy in this picture.
I like to draw, write, and sing. Originally I was searching for a picture to color as I wished to occupy my time with an entertaining activity. When I heard about the contest, I thought I could try my luck and color a picture. Seeing the cowboy picture, I liked the details it had uncolored; it was more on the realistic side and not too cartoon-like. I could already see in my head what it would look like, and eventually it won me second place! Thank you ColoringPages4U!


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