Coloring Contest Results: Monthly Coloring Contest Feb 2012

Our coloring contest for February received 113 entries from around the world. They were all very good, so it was very hard to choose just two. Click on the picture to see it in full size.

FIRST PRIZE - Kilian, Age 9 - Texas, USA

We loved the colors in Kilian's gnome picture. It has a really magical feel to it, and the light from the lantern was done very, very well.

Here's what Kilian said...

I like to draw a lot so I found this website and chose the 'magic creatures' link because I mostly draw magic animals.

SECOND PRIZE - Jenna, Age 10 - Cedar Rapids

Jenna created her own picture from a blank page. We thought her portrait was very expressive - And it's not easy to draw with a mouse!

Here's what Jenna said...

I really LOVE to draw and I found this website. I like to draw my own pictures so I got a blank page. It didn’t take me a long time because I already had the picture in my mind.


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