Coloring Contest Results: 2011 Christmas Coloring Contest

Our Christmas coloring contest drew hundreds of entries from around the world. They were all very good! We narrowed it down to around 100 and from there we chose the 3 that we thought were the best. We also had our People's Choice Award, and a Runner Up Award. Click on the picture to see it in full size.

FIRST PRIZE - Mark, Age 15 - Philippines

Mark did a fantastic job of adding color and shading to this cute kitten picture. The addition of the Christmas tree is very nice, and we thought the idea of a kitten dreaming of getting a mouse for Christmas was very clever.

Here's what Mark said...

I love doing arts and crafts, as well as playing computer games. I chose this picture because I really like cats, even though I am allergic to them. I also thought that making a simple page to a Christmassy one will be really nice and I can also put my own details and be more creative.

SECOND PRIZE - Heidi, Age 19 - Wisconsin

Heidi drew and then colored her entire picture from a blank page. We think the result is really beautiful, and if you ever tried drawing with a mouse, you'll know just how difficult this would have been!

Here's what Heidi said...

I enjoy spending time with my dogs. I love Christmas and the snow and love to go sledding. I enjoy reading, and I love to spend time with my family and friends and just have fun. The reason I choose this page was because when I was in high school at a charter school the day before christmas we would always get to build gingerbread houses and whoever had the most creative won so that's why I chose it.

THIRD PRIZE - Cassandra, Age 12 - Florida, USA

Cassandra won first prize in our previous contest, and had once again produced an really outstanding piece of coloring with this picture of Santa and his reindeer.

Here's what Cassandra said...

Whenever its Christmas I remember of Santa and his reindeer so I decided to color this picture. The reason I chose this one was because it was simple and easy to recognize what time of year it is.

PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD - Samridhi, Age 6 - India

Samridhi won the People's Choice Award with an incredible 119 votes.

Here's what Samridhi said...

I like to do painting in my free time. I choose this picture because of ongoing festivity on Xmas.

PEOPLE'S CHOICE RUNNER-UP - Jordan, Age 13 - Florida, USA

We decided to add an extra runner-up prize for Jordan who got an amazing 109 votes from friends and family.

Here's what Jordan said...

I love to doing anything that has to do with arts and crafts. I love to draw the most, though. The reason why I chose to color a candy cane was because they are really good, but the sour, colorful ones are my favorite! I probably spent about three hours because I took forever for me to chose how I wanted it to look!


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