Coloring Contest Results: 2011 Coloring Contest #1

Our first coloring contest drew 363 entries from around the world. They were all very good! We narrowed it down to around 100 and from there we chose the 3 that we thought were the best. Click on the picture to see it in full size.

FIRST PRIZE - Cassandra, Age 12 - Florida, USA

We were absolutely blown away by 12 year old Cassandra's entry. She chose the lion from the African Animal coloring pages. The level of shading and detail is amazing, from the different shading in the sky and trees, to the grizzled jaw, and individual strokes to create the hairs on the lion's belly.

Here's what Cassandra said...

I like lions so I decided to color a lion. After one whole day of working on it was really worth it. I love to draw and color, so I took this time and the opportunity to try coloring the lion, to show its bravery.

SECOND PRIZE - Tam, Age 7 - Milwaukee, WI, USA

The judges really liked the choice of colors that 7 year old Tam used to color the Sleeping Kitten from our Cat and Kitten coloring pages. The pale pink colors used on the kitten make her look so soft and cuddly. We also liked the realistic color of the dream mouse as contrasted with the brighter color used on the toy mouse.

THIRD PRIZE - Emily, Age 14 - Kansas, USA

We loved 14 year old Emily's coloring of the Sandcastle picture from our Summer coloring pages. The shading is really well done, and the choice of colors is excellent giving it a real "picture-book" quality to the coloring page.

Here's what Emily said...

I like training my dogs and I like drawing black and whites, especially horses. I chose the sandcastle because it was cute and I had an image before I started coloring. I tried to make the colors work together the best I could. I made shadows and used some cool colors next to warm colors to make it pop. I thought red hair brought it all together.


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